The Next Level for Association Management Companies

A Scalable Solution to Serve the Largest and Smallest of Clients

Our membership software allows you to perform management functions for all the groups under your charge - easily switching back and forth between clients and tasks. Back in the day, association management companies had to use multiple solutions to serve different size associations, because archaic AMS solutions were not flexible enough or scalable enough. MemberSuite changed the game. Since our AMS scales with you, our membership software can service all of your clients - whether they have five or 100 staff.

Membership Database Software | MemberSuite
Membership Database Software | MemberSuite

A Single Login to Manage All Your Accounts

Tired of logging in and out of your AMS platform with multiple client login credentials? Think there’s an easier way to interface with your membership software? There is. With MemberSuite, you can toggle back and forth between your different accounts using a single login on the backend. Our membership software was designed to make your job easier.

A Portal That Takes Clients Places

Ever had a client come to you upset about not being able to use a portal the way they needed to? With our membership software those days are over. Our full-featured portal empowers your clients to get what they need to get done the first time. And if you need extra functionality, the portal is completely customizable so you can modify it to match any requirements.

Membership Software | MemberSuite
Non Profit Membership Software | MemberSuite

Complete Control Over Your Data

Many associations find themselves at the mercy of their AMS company, held hostage by restrictive data stipulations and conditions. We don’t play that game at MemberSuite. With our membership database software you can access and download your data at any time, as many times as you’d like - free of charge. With our data migration, you can bring over custom objects, custom fields, historical financial transactions and historical data. And anything we can do in the system, you can do too. With our membership software, you have complete control over your data.

Freedom to Do What You Want

Membership database software should give you the freedom to do what you want in the system. Our platform is completely configurable thanks to our totally open API. You can make your own changes in the system without relying on us to do them, saving you money. Our API is so open, in fact, that customers routinely create clever and innovative integrations on the backend of the system on their own accord. With our membership software, you have the freedom to do what you want.

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