The Power of Mom

by Kay Cavender 10. November 2011 10:20
Associations with political initiatives or those working with social care or environmental issues will find a cadre of like-minded women online. [More]

MemberSuite Presents Webinar: Survey Finds Members Unhappy with Association Communications Programs

by Kay Cavender 8. November 2011 13:59
MemberSuite will present a free webinar on Tuesday, Nov. 15 from 1 to 2 p.m. EST to review key findings from a comprehensive survey of association members regarding how organizations communicate with them and what they like and don’t like about those methods. [More]

The Value of Communications

by Kay Cavender 8. November 2011 09:16
Only communicators really understand the true value of communications. All others must be convinced. (OK. This from a communicator. Still...) We have some data that proves the worth of member communications. You can use it to improve your programs and showcase the ROI your association gets from your efforts. [More]

Why Gen Y Is Different

by Kay Cavender 3. November 2011 08:20
20-somethings want different things from their association membership that their older cohorts. While segmentation by age isn't the only slicing and dicing you should do, there are some member offers that make sense to focus on birthdates. [More]

Win New Members by Knowing What You’ve Got

by Kay Cavender 2. November 2011 06:50
Did your last member-get-a-member campaign fall short of its goal? You can still use members to attract new ones, and without their involvement. [More]

Win New Members by Knowing What You’ve Got

by Kay Cavender 1. November 2011 07:16
Member-get-a-member campaigns not working as well as you'd like. You can still use your current members to help you find new ones. You just need to take a different approach. [More]

Four Healthcare Associations Select MemberSuite to Enhance Services

by Kay Cavender 31. October 2011 08:16
Healthcare associations choose MemberSuite to support staff and engage with members. [More]

Handling Association "Bosses"

by Kay Cavender 27. October 2011 07:37
Association staffers often feel they have multiple bosses. Knowing who to placate and who to jump for can be critical to one's success. [More]

Handling Association "Bosses"

by Kay Cavender 27. October 2011 07:24
If you're working for an association, you have multiple bosses. How you manage your work and keep everyone updated and pleased with your work can be tricky. [More]

Are You Targeting the Blondes of Your Membership?

by Kay Cavender 26. October 2011 09:04
Proper segmentation of marketing offers requires access to all the data you have available regarding members. Without a full picture of interests and actions, you could be sending the wrong offer to the uninterested. [More]

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