New Release - MemberSuite 2.7

by Kay Cavender 12. March 2013 10:14
Last night, we released MemberSuite 2.7 and added some much-requested features and functionality [More]



MemberSuite R5 Release

by Kay Cavender 11. December 2012 17:20
We released version 2.5 of MemberSuite on Friday night. In addition to a bunch of bug fixes, we introduced the Beta version of a new module [More]



MemberSuite 2.4 Release

by Andrew Ryan 8. November 2012 12:09
... [More]



MemberSuite Spring '12 is Released!

by Andrew Ryan 6. May 2012 06:14
I'm excited to announce the full release on MemberSuite Spring '12! The final, complete release notes are listed below. [More]

MemberSuite Spring '12 Release Webinar/Release Notes

by Andrew Ryan 26. April 2012 16:24
For those of you who missed the webinar, you can now view it: [More]



Announcing the MemberSuite Summer '12 Release

by Andrew Ryan 19. April 2012 12:56
Continuing on our never-ending quest to empower associations to achieve ridiculous productivity from their software, I am pleased and excited to announce what we’ve been working on over the last few months. The MemberSuite Summer ‘12 release is the biggest release we’ve done to date, and it’s chock full of over 50 bug fixes, 75 new features and improvements, and four brand new modules. [More]

Back from ASAE Tech Show

by Kay Cavender 19. December 2011 08:50
Mobile is getting a lot of buzz, but research finds members are more likely to play "Angry Bird" than read association emails on their phones. [More]

Technology and Associations

by Kay Cavender 30. November 2011 14:16
If you can't join MemberSuite next week at ASAE's Tech Conference, take a look at the survey from NTen to learn how you compare with other non-profits when it comes to IT. [More]

Communications: What Members Prefer

by Kay Cavender 28. November 2011 10:47
Member engagement requires member input. Unless you've asked your members how and when they want to hear from you, and what types of content they prefer, you can't fulfill their needs. So MemberSuite did it for you. [More]

Forget Getting Ready for the Holidays. Are You Ready for 2012?

by Kay Cavender 25. November 2011 07:57
Right now many of us are diligently working away on business plans for the coming year. You can bet there will be suprrises. [More]

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