Member Involvement Still Low

by Kay Cavender 23. November 2011 07:39
A recent survey of association members found organizations still struggle with engagement. But the survey also found new ways to communicate to members can increase memberber involvement. [More]

Budget 2012: The ROI of AMS

by Kay Cavender 18. November 2011 09:04
As you think about the budget for the coming year, consider the power a strong association management software solution can deliver. We've developed a white paper that walks you through how to determine need and prove ROI. [More]

The Changing Face of Association Membership

by Kay Cavender 17. November 2011 10:19
MemberSuite conducted a survey reaching more than 1,600 respondents and found that there are a growing number of Gen Y among association memberships. That means you can't use the same-old same-old communciatons methods. [More]

Join Us at ASAE Tech Conference

by Kay Cavender 16. November 2011 07:30
Stop by booth 421 to pick up three new white papers with the findings of our survey of members regarding how they want associations to communicate with them. It's interesting reading. [More]

No. 1 Communication Problem

by Kay Cavender 15. November 2011 16:29
A new survey shows associations how members want to be communicated with. [More]



The Power of Mom

by Kay Cavender 10. November 2011 10:20
Associations with political initiatives or those working with social care or environmental issues will find a cadre of like-minded women online. [More]

Webinar on How to Communicate to Members

by Kay Cavender 9. November 2011 08:49
MemberSuite will present the responses from a national survey reaching more than 1,600 regarding how members want associations to communicate with them. There are interesting surprises in what folks told us. [More]



The Value of Communications

by Kay Cavender 8. November 2011 09:16
Only communicators really understand the true value of communications. All others must be convinced. (OK. This from a communicator. Still...) We have some data that proves the worth of member communications. You can use it to improve your programs and showcase the ROI your association gets from your efforts. [More]

Why Gen Y Is Different

by Kay Cavender 3. November 2011 08:20
20-somethings want different things from their association membership that their older cohorts. While segmentation by age isn't the only slicing and dicing you should do, there are some member offers that make sense to focus on birthdates. [More]

Win New Members by Knowing What You’ve Got

by Kay Cavender 2. November 2011 06:50
Did your last member-get-a-member campaign fall short of its goal? You can still use members to attract new ones, and without their involvement. [More]

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