The Power of Mom

by Kay Cavender 10. November 2011 10:20

If your association has a political initiative or seeks volunteers to support social and environmental activities, you need Mom’s help.

A recent study by Scarborough Research found that 14% of mothers have read or contributed to a blog in the past month, and they’re very active in a number of areas. Three-quarters of them always vote in presidential elections and are more likely than their peers to have contributed to a social care/welfare organization. They are also contributors to environmental organizations and are likely to have done volunteer work in the past year.

ial media can reach these active women. If you’re blogging about the issues that are important to them, they’ll take notice. If you have a Facebook page, promote it on your site to attract them.

you’re currently reaching women with social media, let the rest of us know how that’s working for you. The more we share, the better we all will be at recruiting and retaining members.


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