Data Migration Services

Data Migration Services

Your association management system is nothing without your data which is why its migration is such a vital part of the implementation process. When the time comes to move your data from your legacy system to your new AMS, you will want to make sure that you’re able to migrate what you need and that it can be done effectively and efficiently. At MemberSuite, our Data Migration Team has the experience of successfully migrating hundreds of associations from legacy systems, resulting in a repeatable methodology that ensures your organization moves the right data into our system. This team will work with you in the discovery phase to make sure that no good data is left behind so that you have what you need. We will be with you every step of the way.

Take The Pain Out Of Imports

Migrate the Data You Need

When importing data into your new system, you will need to consider which data you’re bringing over from your legacy system. It’s important to make sure you’re asking the right questions before choosing which data to migrate. Our team will help you consider how much of your old data is actually being used and whether or not it should be migrated, what parts of the data record is important to your organization, and how to consolidate duplicate records. MemberSuite will help you migrate the data that’s important to you.

Get Your Data On Your Terms
Easily Correct Your Mistakes

Maximize Your Data's Value

What has your data done for you lately? Our Data Migration Team works with you to analyze your data to determine what its sources are, how it works together, and what’s important to your association. Get value from your data by understanding it and leveraging it in your favor. After that analysis, you will be able to perform activities such as: send email blasts, analyze payment histories, report on active members and on member engagement more accurately.

Data Migration - The First Step of Implementation

Data migration is a major first step when implementing your new association management software. With the right team and the right software solution, data migration can be successful for you and your association. Choose a modern solution with a team that will be by your side throughout your data needs.

Use What You Already Know
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