Our Staged Process

We use a 4-stage approach to ensure your implementation is a success. Our approach is proven, it works and we’re just in time.


Stage 1:

In stage 1, our Professional Services Team examines your association’s data, processes and overall requirements. We help you discover which parts of MemberSuite you’ll be using most and put together a project team and schedule.

Design and Development

Stage 2:

In stage 2, our Professional Services Team begins to design, configure and if applicable custom-code a solution that meets your needs. Your data migration starts during this stage and we begin to configure and test the system at this time.


Stage 3:

In stage 3, our professional Services Team deploys your system and creates documentation to ensure everything works for you. Training various stakeholders during this stage is critical, and your first go-live happens at the end of this stage.


Stage 4:

In stage 4, our Professional Services Team optimizes your system based on first use and works hard to make sure everything is working for you. This stage may also be ongoing while you’re adding new data or functionality to your system.

Our Implementation Process

We implement our clients in a series of phases, with the number of phases used depending on the amount of modules your organization would like to implement. Some clients want to implement every module and have three or four phases, and others decide to go-live with a core set of functionality, launching after phase one and waiting to implement other modules as their organization is ready.

Core 5 Integration

Phase 1: Core Modules

In phase one, we focus on rolling out the core platform modules of MemberSuite. These all need to be in place for the system to work smoothly. These modules are:

Advanced Integrations

Phase 2: Platform Modules

In phase two, we help you to integrate additional modules within the MemberSuite platform. Modules that may be rolled out in phase two include:

Adding Customizations

Phase 3: Additional Modules

In phase three, we can roll out even more features for you. Some organizations don’t need a third phase of implementation and that’s fine, but for those that do, it’s an invaluable step. Modules that may be rolled out in phase three include:

Our Implementation Timeline

At MemberSuite we know that the timeline for implementation is very important to you. It’s important to us too. We couple our phased approach with an efficient timeline that gets you implemented as soon as possible.

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