MemberSuite for Association Executives

Technology That Speaks To The Modern Generation

Are you using technology from years ago? Frustrated that your solution is old and doesn’t work? Embarrassed about using outdated technology? We get where you’re coming from. Maybe the system you have now was put in before you got there, and maybe it hasn’t seen updates since it’s initial installation - and you’ve got a lot of catching up to do. MemberSuite is different. We roll out updates continuously, on our end, for free - so you always have the most up to date version of your AMS software. And our technology is modern, intuitive and easy to use - directly speaking to the next generation of professionals association executives are trying to recruit. Get modern technology that the next generation will love with MemberSuite.

MemberSuite - Technology That Speaks to The Modern Generation
MemberSuite for Association Executives

Your Ticket To Show Value To Your Board

Association executives know how important it is to be able to show value to the board. You need to have modern technology, you need to be able to use that technology and you need to be able to talk the talk when discussing technology with your board. Quit wasting time, energy and money using separate solutions that barely get the job done and switch to the solution that’s got it all. Our integrated, modern platform ensures you’re using the latest technology to show value to your board. And the deep level of insight you get from our training and knowledge center will ensure you can talk the talk when speaking to your board about what you’re doing with the solution you’re using. MemberSuite enables association executives - especially the association president - to please their board as they serve their membership and give back to their community.

A Platform That Actually Works

Association executives hear it all the time. “The system isn’t working!” Your staff gets mad and you’re the problem solver - especially if you're the association president. You’ve got something that doesn’t work, you don’t know how or why, and now you’ve got to chase down some point of contact at your AMS company to troubleshoot technology that your staff has been struggling with from the moment it was implemented - a time when you may or may not have been at your association at all! Don’t let this happen to you. Our solution works as it’s intended to, and if you ever run into any trouble, our acclaimed customer support and robust documentation enable your success no matter what happens along the way. Association executives know the value of choosing a platform that works from day one - that's why they choose MemberSuite.

MemberSuite for Association President
MemberSuite - AMS for Association Executives

Integrations That Get The Job Done

Does your system ever break when trying to run a report across functions or trying to tie together different processes? Have you ever struggled with integrations that don’t work? We know how frustrating this is. That’s why we built integration into the core of MemberSuite. Our 20+ modules all seamlessly integrate with one another. They also integrate with any other third party solution using our acclaimed API. We’ve never lost a client from not being able to integrate. When association executives ask, “Can we integrate with this?” we know the answer always has to be yes. Choose modern technology that was designed for the way associations work in the real world. Choose MemberSuite.

An AMS That Grows With You

Ever feel like you’ve exhausted every avenue and outgrown your current AMS? You’re not alone. Many association executives experience this as their organizations become more and more successful. And if you’ve haven’t had this problem yet, you will if you’re a modern, growth oriented organization. Association executives need technology that scales with you, so that after you’ve gotten your AMS you don’t need to go through the implementation process over and over again. MemberSuite grows with you. Unlike other AMS providers, we offer unlimited users with our pricing. There's no need to keep up with how many licenses you own. You can manage the number of people who have access to your system, adding temporary staff or contractors as needed. And our over 20 modules give you the ability to add functionality to your AMS as your influence grows and your needs evolve. Get an AMS that grows with you. Get MemberSuite.

MemberSuite - An AMS That Grows With You
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