MemberSuite for Finance Professionals

Finance Software for Your Association

Are you frustrated that your membership database “doesn’t talk to” your accounting software? Are you still using spreadsheets and files spread across multiple locations to manage association financials? Get a modern solution to accounting functionality with MemberSuite. Our software hooks into any third party financial software you might be using, giving you detail and insight into what’s happening in your membership. Plus, our platform includes deep dive features for accounting like managing deferred revenue recognition, GAAP rules and more. Manage your P&L with precision so you can show your value to your president and your board. Get the modern solution for association finance ensuring your membership data and accounting software always stays in sync with MemberSuite.

MemberSuite - Accounting Functionality For The Modern Age
MemberSuite - Ultimate Control Over Your Financial Records

Ultimate Control Over Your Financial Records

With modern technology you want more control, not less. We get this at MemberSuite. You want your AMS and financial software like Quickbooks, Great Plains or Peachtree to be connected with one another, but you also want to maintain control over how the systems integrate for your association's finance department. With MemberSuite, you’re in charge, with complete authority over how batches and summaries are synced between platforms. You get all the integration you need to make your life easier while dictating exactly how your association’s financial records should be managed. Modern technology should give you more control while making your life easier, shouldn’t it?

Financial Technology Perfected

Financial technology has been around for some time now and integration with association management software (AMS) is nothing new. At MemberSuite, we haven’t re-invented the wheel - we’ve simply perfected what’s out there. We know you want your association's finances to be right. You want things to work, and it’s got to work every time because you can’t afford your association's financial software not to. With MemberSuite you can keep your association financial records straight, including management of multiple sets of books for different regions, areas or chapters. You can harness enterprise level software powerful enough to withstand the toughest of audits, and you can get a modern association finance solution that operates with unmatched precision. We’ve perfectedAMS for the modern association. It’s what you’ve come to expect, and it’s what you deserve.

MemberSuite - Financial Technology Perfected
MemberSuite - Your Data The Way You Need It

Your Data The Way You Need It

Having good data is a cornerstone to your success as an organization, and we get that. That’s why we prioritize data integrity at MemberSuite. We know your historical records matter to you - that’s why we enable you to bring over an unlimited amount of historical financials. And you can bring data back from any date range - we recently had a client get data from the 1970s into the system! And if you’ve got data in multiple systems, we can sort that out easily too. Bring over your data with confidence and ease using MemberSuite.

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