MemberSuite For Information Technology

Information Technology Association Professionals Use MemberSuite

MemberSuite is a single solution for all the functions your association needs to manage. CRM, events, financials, email marketing and more are all unified in one system. What this means for you is that you won’t have to worry about managing multiple solutions - and inevitably troubleshooting all of them. Our powerful SaaS lets you streamline your technology for incredible results. And we offer a full data migration of all your existing data, so moving over to our single solution is no problem.

MemberSuite - Everything You Need All in One Place
MemberSuite - Integrations That Work

Integrations That Work

Do you run into limitations with APIs that are out of synch with the core product, can’t be queried through, and that have fields that can’t be pushed or pulled through? Old APIs are inefficient and frustrating to work with. Quit using hokey workarounds just to get the simplest tasks done. Ditch the nonsense and get modern integrations that work with MemberSuite.

The Freedom to Do What You Need

MemberSuite gives you the freedom to do what you need to do and the control to be able to do it. Check it out - anything that we can configure in the system, you can too. Anything. That’s no joke. And we can’t hold anything over you either, including your data. Download your data for free at any time. With MemberSuite, you maintain complete control over everything in your own system and you have the freedom to do as you please. What’s better than that?

MemberSuite - The Freedom to Do What You Need
MemberSuite - Empowerment for Your Crew

Empowerment for Your Crew

As an information technology professional everyone comes to you if something is wrong with the system. You’ve got to troubleshoot every problem that comes your way and help execute technical tasks for others - and that’s all before getting your own tasks accomplished. What if your Association Management Software could make your life easier? Our 20+ modules cover all association functions, empowering your peers to use the system instead of coming to you for tasks like reporting, orders and mass updates. Your members can service themselves first before taking up valuable time and resources on your end. Shouldn’t a modern solution make your life easier?

Reporting without Limits

Ever get frustrated by the limitations in your reporting? It’s not uncommon for staff to only have access to canned reports and to come to you when they have a new scenario they need to run a report on. Quit jerry-rigging together what you’ve got like a second-rate McGuyver and use software that was made with you in mind. With MemberSuite you can pull any fields in the database with unlimited criteria so you can build reports in ways that truly work, without limits. That’s the power of modern association management software.

MemberSuite - Reporting Without Limits
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