MemberSuite for Meetings

Meeting Planner Software

Ever experience frustration at the management and expense of multiple solutions needed for a single event? Integrate your separate systems into one system that does it all with MemberSuite. Handle all the logistics of the event on the backend, including rooms, resources and tables. Register multiple attendees under one corporate or group account, set up comps and discount passes and more. Quit wasting effort and money trying to use multiple systems and harness the power of the modern solution for event management.

A Single Solution for Event Management
The Confidence to Put on Events of Any Size

The Confidence to Put
on Events of Any Size

Ever used your AMS for a small scale event but felt apprehensive about using it for a larger one? Overcome your fears with MemberSuite. You can create events of any size with our platform - from events with dozens of attendees to ones with over 10,000. Our clients trust our solution to handle their biggest and most complex events. In fact, many of our customers ditch their third party event management software after seeing just how robust and effective our modern solution is.

The Ultimate in Event Functionality

Our events module is the deepest, largest, and most flexible module in the MemberSuite AMS solution. You can totally configure the MemberSuite events module to suit your needs. Customize otherwise complex processes like group registration, complicated sessions and workshops, and on-demand badge printing. No matter what you need to be able to do for your event, you can accomplish it with MemberSuite.

The Ultimate in Event Functionality
Your Opportunity to Create An Amazing Member Experience

Your Opportunity to Create An Amazing Member Experience

You can use MemberSuite to create an amazing event experience for your members. It all starts from the registration process on the member portal. MemberSuite makes registration as easy and intuitive as possible. And you can tie any number of steps to registration - like making reservations, adding items to shopping carts, registering groups and more, all from the same screen. The intuitive checkout process and ease of use of the system creates tremendous customer joy, all while cutting down on the number of customer service calls that are directed toward your team. And it only continues from there as you use MemberSuite to manage every step in the event process, creating palpable customer delight along the way. That’s how you create win-wins for everyone using modern technology.

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