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Software for the Membership Director

Are you creating member joy within your association? Are your members as engaged as they could be? Your efforts at recruiting are only as strong as your ability to delight and retain members. If you’re in the dark about member happiness and engagement, you’re not being the most effective leader you can be. You can change that with MemberSuite. Get key visibility inside your association and into the actions of your members. Learn what your members enjoy so you can deliver exactly what they crave and craft perfect programs for your association. Discover exactly how successful your initiatives are as membership director, increase member engagement from the least engaged members through the most and support member retention across programs year over year using our modern solution. MemberSuite is your secret advantage to creating an experience of child like member joy within your association.

The Secret To Creating Child-Like Joy
Membership Director Software

A Sophisticated Solution
That Gets The Job Done

You’ve got to be sophisticated and nuanced enough to get the job done. Why shouldn’t you demand the same from your AMS? MemberSuite can handle the most complex of tasks like custom tracking of members, membership flow down and more with our membership director software. You can track and engage with an unlimited number of membership organizations and types, support an unlimited number of organizational layers and track dues products that go to separate organizations. You can even track relationships in the system and flow down data from a parent record to a child record. For example, let’s say you have an organization that has many individuals as members of that organization. If you change a characteristic of the parent organization, like work address, that should change for each individual's record. Without flowdown this would be a painfully manual process. MemberSuite is sophisticated enough to do this without hassle. Choose a modern, sophisticated AMS with MemberSuite.

The Power To Effectively Serve Your Membership

As membership director you need to be able to effectively serve your membership. Is your Association Management Software helping or hurting your membership? Using an old, antiquated AMS doesn’t do anyone any good. Old systems create more work for you and create inefficiencies and oversights in the membership process. Don’t make your job harder than it has to be! Leverage a unified solution to manage your membership data - easily tracking members, registrations, renewals, purchases and more. Protect your members privacy through advanced directory opt out features. Enable your members to access self-service, reducing member frustration, time waiting for answers and more. Increase accountability to your executive director and your board by getting the data you need from your membership director software with MemberSuite - giving you the power to effectively serve your membership.

Membership Director Software AMS
AMS Flexibility You Need To Succeed

The Flexibility You Need To Succeed

Can your AMS do what you need it to do? If you’re like most membership directors, flexibility is key when choosing an AMS. You need to be able to create different types of memberships, restrictions on memberships and more. For example, you might need to give a member a special renewal rate if they renew within a certain time frame, move them from one list to another automatically, and assign several points to them based on a category. You need the flexibility to be able to service any type of membership scenario you might have. In addition to servicing different types of memberships, you may need the flexibility to track multiple organizations, geographic zones and other membership functions. Furthermore, you might need to extend the platform’s native functionality by using our completely configurable and totally open API. No matter what level of flexibility you need to succeed, you can enable membership to operate to its greatest potential with MemberSuite.

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