Outlook Adapter

Outlook Adapter - Sync Your System With Our Outlook Extension

You receive emails from members all the time, don’t you? Easily and automatically sync these emails into MemberSuite using the Outlook Adapter for Windows. The most common day-to-day tasks involve emailing a member or a committee, and you may want these emails kept in the member record with their responses tracked. With the Outlook Adapter you can integrate these emails into the system easily without having to cut and paste them manually.

Email That’s Always Synced
Bill Your Way

Folders That Keep Everything In One Place

Rather than syncing emails one at a time into the system you can just redirect all member emails into a folder and sync the folder. This feature is great for key staff members that have tons of communication with members. Keep all of your communications in one place with MemberSuite's Outlook Adapter for Windows.

The Power To Email Contacts Without Ever Leaving The Platform

It’s easy to pull MemberSuite records into Outlook on any Windows computer. Create a new email from within MemberSuite and send it to a record without leaving the system. Then store the email in MemberSuite, allowing you to keep track of your communications with individual members. You can even create an email and blast it out to a committee in Outlook from within MemberSuite. MemberSuite gives you the power to message your members in the way that benefits you the most.

The Power To Email Contacts Without Ever Leaving The Platform
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