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Everything In One Place

Does juggling multiple solutions for different projects frustrate you? If so, you’re not alone. We get this - that’s why we designed our association membership software with everything in one place. Gone are the days of managing multiple vendor relationships and dividing your time between multiple systems. Send emails, store documents, manage advertising and subscriptions and more, all from within one easy to use association software.

MemberSuite - Everything in One Place
MemberSuite - Data That’s Completely Integrated

Data That’s Completely Integrated

Still have data in separate places because you can’t integrate? You can easily migrate and merge all of your data with MemberSuite. With our association software, your data is completely integrated so you’ll never have to worry about leaving files at the office again. Welcome to the new era of accessibility.

A Flexible Solution That Works

With a flexible solution featuring over 20 modules, MemberSuite is the association software that works right out of the box. And if you need more, you can completely customize the application using our acclaimed API. Get association software that works.

MemberSuite - A Flexible Solution That Works
MemberSuite - Easy Administration for Your Team

Easy Administration for Your Team

MemberSuite was built with easy administration in mind. Our application presents everything in plain English with easy to use fields. Your staff will feel comfortable navigating through our association software so they can best serve your organization.

Satisfyingly Simple Solutions to Complex Problems

Have a “complex problem” that you had to create a hokey workaround for in the past? MemberSuite has satisfyingly simple solutions to complex problems. For example, your society might have a North American Region with a Northwest Zone and a New York Chapter, and you might have to track each of these for each member. Your old association software might not have been able to track this, but with MemberSuite, it’s a breeze. Relax. We got you.

MemberSuite - Satisfyingly Simple Solutions to Complex Problems
MemberSuite - A Portal Your Members Will Actually Use

A Portal Your Members
Will Actually Use

With MemberSuite you get a portal your members will actually use - because it works. Your members can update their address, register for events, pay invoices, see their CEU credits tied to events they’ve been to and more - all without contacting headquarters for support. This not only enables your members to receive amazing self service, but frees up your organization's time and energy as well.

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