The Innovative Solution for Trade Associations

Empower Your Corporate Members with the Latest Technology

Trade association management can be tricky. Empower your corporate members to get what they need to get done, without having to involve HQ just to execute the simplest of tasks. Our clients love the full featured portal that comes standard with our trade association software. Members can log in on behalf of themselves or their organization, manage organizational contacts, perform group registration and more - all from the member facing portal. MemberSuite minimizes keystrokes and potential errors by automatically flowing down information (phone numbers, addresses and more) to individuals from their employer/your corporate member - so when you change a record at the top, it automatically applies to all affected individuals. Shouldn’t you be using the latest technology for your trade association management?

Trade Association Software
Trade Association Management

Do Things On Your Own Terms With a Flexible Solution

Is your current AMS struggling with common trade association management? Our trade association software was designed from the ground up to handle organizations as members in addition to individuals. We can even track prospects outside your CRM if you need that. No more hokey work arounds to get the system to do what you need it to do. And did you know that over 60% of our client base is comprised of trade associations that have complex needs such as deferred revenue recognition, support for multiple business units and calculated dues based on number of employees? They chose MemberSuite to ensure even their most complex needs are met. Choose the flexible solution that works for you.

Cut Through the Noise and Get Your Message Heard

Ever had trouble cutting through the noise of your corporate membership? Ever get stopped completely by a corporate firewall? Another reason MemberSuite is perfect for trade association management is that our email module lets you send communications that get through to your members. Early on, MemberSuite formed a partnership with SendGrid, allowing your emails to get whitelisted so they get delivered straight to your recipients. Your message is as important as your mission. Shouldn’t it be heard as well?

MemberSuite - Get Your Message Heard
Trade Association Management Software

Get The Full Scoop On What Your Members are Doing

Because MemberSuite manages multiple membership organizations and types, in just seconds you’ll be able to view and leverage purchase, event and other historic data - whether it’s filed by an individual or group. You’ll also be able to generate custom reports on this valuable information to better understand the whats and whys behind the things your members do and value. Modern software should give you insight into your association - MemberSuite is bringing trade association management into the modern age.

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