November 12, 2018

Meet Alexis Jackson - Operations Administrator & Exec Assistant

Meet Alexis Jackson - Operations Administrator & Exec Assistant

What’s your position at MemberSuite?

I am the Operations Administrator and also the Executive Assistant to our CEO. My role is unique because not only am I the right hand woman to our CEO, but I’m also the behind the scenes go to girl that keeps the MemberSuite office running smoothly.

Where are you from?

Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia.

How did you get into Operations? What’s your background?

While I was in college, like many of us, I worked at a bar to pay for school. During my free time, I would now and then assist the Owner of the restaurant with managing her calendar, ordering supplies, and overseeing liquor inventory. Eventually, I slowly transitioned from working in the restaurant to working in the back office. That is when my Admin side was born. I like to think that the long hours dealing with rowdy bar patrons helped me with my quick thinking skill set today. :)

What should we know about you?

I am the most introverted extrovert you will ever meet. I am not a shy person, but I enjoy watching others bask in the spotlight. I am that person who gets more excited about giving gifts than receiving them.

What do you like to do for fun?

Currently, chasing after my two-year-old daughter seems to be the number one hobby of mine. However, I love to travel to anywhere in the Caribbean. I hate the snow, so anywhere with a beach is perfect for me! I also really enjoy gardening. I think it’s the southern belle in me, but come on, who doesn't appreciate a homegrown vine ripe tomato?

Additionally, my husband is a sports marketing manager, so along with Christian, we are diehard Atlanta fans who get disappointed quite often unfortunately. However, we still love attending the games to root for the home team!

What is your favorite project you’ve worked on at MemberSuite?

I would have to say that assisting with the planning and coordination of our User Conferences is one of my favorite projects. I enjoy getting to meet and interact with our customers and see how MemberSuite affects each of them differently. It is one of the times that really shows all of our company’s hard work paying off with the great feedback we receive.

What is the best part of working at MemberSuite?

The People. If you think about it, you spend more time with your coworkers than you do your own family. Over time, your coworkers become like family. I have to say that just like a family, the MemberSuite Employees fight, grow, and love one another like no other. In my three years here, I have met some incredibly smart, talented, and great people. I met my best friend and godmother of my daughter through MemberSuite. So yeah, I would have to say the people is what makes MemberSuite great.

Anything else you'd like to share?

Fun Facts:

  • My favorite job in the entire world is being a mom. My little daughter is my pride and joy. Her nickname is Puff because I thought she looked like a pink marshmallow when she was born.
  • Halloween is my favorite holiday, so much so that I tried to hold out for my daughter to be a Halloween baby. I got close with October 28th. :)
  • I am also really into arts and crafts. I do a lot of screen printing and vinyl lettering for t-shirts and signs.
  • A little over a year ago I started collecting pottery. So now we have this love hate relationship with Rae Dunn in my household. I have over a hundred pieces in my hutch in my dining room. My friends all think I am silly, but I just love the simple designs.