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Lessons Learned from NJBIA

Lessons Learned from NJBIA

“Thanks to MemberSuite’s cloud-based system, we’re always on the latest version and don’t have to worry about an upgrade crashing our system.”

- Vincent Schweikert, Chief Marketing Officer & Publisher

Implementing MemberSuite’s AMS allowed NJBIA to offer their members access to an online portal which they can use to ask questions, renew their membership, pay invoices and register for events. By doing this, NJBIA reduced the time their staff spends on the phone updating member records by 30-40%. The user-friendliness of the MemberSuite AMS has also helped save additional time by providing staff with a tool to generate their own queries and reports.

In addition to creating operational efficiencies, the MemberSuite cloud-based AMS has also helped NJBIA keep costs down through free software upgrades and updates.