February 27, 2019

Announcing Engage 2019 Keynote Speakers

We are extremely excited to announce our keynote speakers for Engage 2019, MemberSuite's annual user conference.

Jared Loftus, Chief Revenue Officer, rasa.io

Jared has been an entrepreneur his entire life. Whether in the world of associations, education, or apparel, he's always had an eye out for what's coming next. He disrupted his own brick and mortar business in 2010 by selling it to focus on e-commerce. A year later, Forbes named him College Football's Biggest Entrepreneur. In 2014, states around the country made a massive shift in secondary education accountability by making the ACT mandatory for all juniors. Three years later, he was helping lead the fastest growing ACT test prep company, and the organization was on the Inc 500 list twice. Today, Jared brings that same level of disruption to associations by bringing artificial intelligence within reach, allowing organizations to personalize their interactions with all members. The world of technology is moving faster and faster, but Jared will show us why now is not the time to get overwhelmed, but instead to dive in head first in order to find out how this new technology can re-shape member engagement.

At Engage 2019, Jared will be sharing how organizations like yours can leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to "Be The Netflix of Associations":

Each year, Netflix generates original content that continuously wins awards, and recently just edged out HBO as the recipient of the most Emmy nominations. How do they do it? Because they know what you want to see before you even see it. In this session, we'll look at real-world insights from member behavior and discuss how that can allow you to generate content you'll know people want to consume.

The keynote address will take place at 9:00 am on Thursday in the Emory Amphitheater, and it’s open to all attendees.

Jeff Cook, VP of Professional Services, MemberSuite

Jeff has been leading teams for nearly two decades with companies such as John Deere, FTD, Constellation Software, VersionOne, and now MemberSuite. In his various leadership roles spanning product support, professional services, and M&A integration, his focus has always been around building and integrating great teams. As author of the book, “Group Glue”, Jeff has spoken at numerous conferences about how “question experiences” can evolve your team from “tolerate” to “collaborate”.

At Engage 2019, Jeff will be addressing how in order to "Create a Team - Sometimes All You Need is a Little Glue":

Most people work on a team that is just average or and at its worst - dysfunctional. Jeff will explore how questions, and the experience of the shared answers, can change the vibe of any group situation. You’ll walk away with a great technique to evolve your team from tolerate to collaborate.

The keynote address will take place at 3:15 pm on Wednesday in the Emory Amphitheater, and it’s open to all attendees.

About Engage

Engage is MemberSuite's annual user conference and it is taking place at the Emory Conference Center Hotel in Atlanta, GA, from May 7 to May 9. The purpose of the three-day event is to provide our customers with the opportunity to engage and learn from each other, industry thought leaders, and the MemberSuite team through AMS training, educational sessions, and networking.

About MemberSuite

MemberSuite is the premier software and services provider of association management software (AMS) and business intelligence solutions for member-based organizations of all sizes. MemberSuite harnesses the power of the cloud to deliver enterprise systems that enables modern organizations to accomplish every activity they need to serve their constituents at an affordable price. With dozens of modules, a fully-customizable platform and a dedicated professional services team, MemberSuite is changing the way associations do business.