April 19, 2017

Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) Taps MemberSuite to Enhance Member Engagement

ATLANTA, APRIL 19, 2017 - Atlanta-based MemberSuite, the leading provider of cloud-based management solutions for associations and nonprofits, now is providing its association management solution to the Technology Association of Georgia – one of the fastest growing associations in the country, with 35,000 members.

Before selecting MemberSuite, TAG used a customer relationship management (CRM) system that didn’t integrate with the association’s other software systems. This lack of integration made it difficult for TAG to determine which programs and events were most successful in increasing member engagement.

“As our membership numbers were growing substantially, analytics and visibility into satisfaction and engagement levels became even more critical,” said TAG President/CEO Larry Williams. “As an association focused on technology, we had to be an example of using technology to help us deliver a better and more modern member experience and MemberSuite provided us that platform.”

More than 60 percent of MemberSuite’s client base is trade associations, which like corporations, often have multiple business units and use disparate systems that don’t easily integrate with each other. MemberSuite helps associations modernize everyday association processes from event registration to training, making it easier to deliver value and better user experiences to members.

“MemberSuite understands that associations are looking to operate as efficiently as large corporations and often have limited staff and resources to learn and use ineffective technology,” said Andrew Ryan, founder and CEO of MemberSuite. “TAG is a perfect example of today’s growing association, one that requires centralized technology to meet its growing membership numbers and boost engagement.”

In addition to its growing individual membership, TAG represents more than 2,000 technology and technology-enabled companies. The association fosters an innovative and connected marketplace that stimulates and enhances the state’s tech-based economy – home to companies like Atlanta-based MemberSuite.

Ryan founded MemberSuite in 2010 to deliver technology to support various association and nonprofit organization activities, including member management, billing, event management, certification and higher education management, and fundraising.

Since launch, MemberSuite has raised $19.6 million and is on the path to doubling its revenue from last year.

About MemberSuite
MemberSuite is the premier software and services provider of association management software (AMS) solutions for associations and nonprofit organizations of all sizes. MemberSuite harnesses the power of the cloud to deliver enterprise systems that enables modern organizations to accomplish every activity they need to serve their constituents. With dozens of modules, a fully-customizable platform and a dedicated professional services team, MemberSuite is changing the way modern associations do business.