Cookie Policy

MemberSuite uses a technology called ‘cookies’ to record or track information related to visitors to our public website. Cookies are simple text files that web browsers place on computer hard drives when sites are visited. These cookies are specific to the website session and are not used to record personal information or to associate personal information with the use of the service.

Cookies are typically used by our software platform for the following purposes:

  • Identifying returning users and registrants
  • Enabling users to move more easily around the member portal
  • Tracking use of our portal to better develop our product in accordance with our customers’ requirements

To improve access to content based on visitors' browsers and operating system types, and to make our content available to as many visitors as possible, we may collect certain technical information from your computer’s web browser or Internet device when you visit this site. This information includes the amount of time spent on the site by a visitor with a unique Internet identifier, the pages visited and returned to, the operating system, and Web browser used, the referring Web site and any keywords used to find our site on a search website. These server logs do not contain any personal information. Server log files are used solely to track visits to our Web site and improve the experience, content and layout of our site.

A user may choose to set their Web browser to not accept cookies, and this change can be made at any time. However, if you choose not to allow cookies, you should be aware that you may not be able to use the service fully.