No Surprises Guarantee delivering what we promise

Nobody likes surprises (unless there’s a ribbon involved). Your members won’t stand for them, and you don’t deserve them.

MemberSuite is taking our customer first philosophy to a higher level with our “No Surprises Guarantee” to you. It means we’re more focused than ever on open, honest and transparent communication to ensure that there will be no surprises from your AMS purchase to go-live date. Ever. We commit 100% to ensuring customer satisfaction with everything we do. That means you will know what you’re getting, why you’re getting it, how to use it, how long it takes to implement, and have the peace of mind knowing that there’s support when you need it. The four promises of our guarantee ensure that there will be no surprises from software purchase to go-live date. What we tell you is what we deliver. Period.

Comprehensive Assessment & Discovery. Before any solutions are presented, our team will work with you to create a thorough needs assessment that details all the requirements for a successful launch. We call it the Change IQ™.

Dedicated Customer Success Manager. When questions arise (and they do) or something needs to be communicated quickly, your dedicated customer success manager serves as a single point of contact; eliminating confusion and any margin for error.

Detailed Roadmap. Our Discover, Build, Deploy, and Optimize process leaves no question unanswered. From the moment the Change IQ™ is complete, your implementation team maps out every step toward a successful launch.

Upfront Pricing and Ongoing Upgrades. The price should never be a moving target. We guarantee the price you are quoted is the price you’ll pay. No hidden charges, no add-on fees, no sticker shock, no surprises. Plus, free upgrades for life.

Download the info sheet to learn more about our No Surprises Guarantee