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Meet subscription goals, attract new advertisers, and make content easily available to those that need it. MemberSuite allows you to manage and publish documents and publications without all of the stress.

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MemberSuite Subscriptions


Deliver content and services with ease.

  • Provide a variety of subscriptions, including publications, to members and non-members alike
  • Sell subscriptions and give individuals the ability to auto-renew at the end of a term
  • Track subscribers to identify expiration dates and interests
  • Place subscriptions on hold whenever necessary
  • Fulfill subscriptions in batches and automatically send them to the fulfillment house
MemberSuite Advertising


Manage advertising revenue in a central location.

  • Generate ad placements in multiple issues or publications
  • Create and track advertising contracts with advertisers, including term length and pricing
  • Allow publishers to set advertising rates based on color, size, and position options
  • Automatically generate invoices for insertion orders
MemberSuite Documents


Keep your organization’s documents updated and accessible.

  • Upload and provide documents for both public and private access
  • Grant members special access to specific documents
  • Generate additional revenue by selling digital documents
  • Allow the readers to full text search inside documents
  • Tie documents to groups including chapters, sections, and committees

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