December 17, 2015

5 Items on Every Association Executive's Holiday Wish List

5 Items on Every Association Executive's Holiday Wish List

It’s that time of year again! The tree needs trimming and we are decking the halls. Everyone is making their holiday wish lists and associations are no exception. With the new year imminent, it’s time for associations to reflect and create a game-plan to improve their membership experience. In order to do this, there are five items that every association executive should have on their wish list to make their association its best.

1. An Improved Membership Experience

Many associations wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for their members. It is crucial to make sure that members aren’t only satisfied, but happy. One way to accomplish this is to get members involved and keep them engaged. An easy solution to this is having self-service capabilities that allow members to control their membership experience. This will let members register for events, pay their dues, update their profile, and purchase merchandise with a click of a button. An engaged member is a happy member. these solutions will grant them the freedom to control their experience.

2. An Increase in Dues Revenue

Members allow associations to prosper and succeed. This new year, impress your board by increasing your association’s revenue through an increase in recruitment and retention. Associations can accomplish this by utilizing technology that allows online membership registration and renewal. These technologies help alleviate issues that come with the renewal process; additionally, they help associations recruit new members through digital marketing. By providing members with modern technology, they are able to renew their memberships seamlessly, resulting in an increase in revenue.

3. An Increase in Organizational Insight

Associations accumulate an abundance of data and often times get lost in it if they aren’t using the proper software. When this occurs, associations lose the opportunity to gain insight into their members. By using a suitable association management software, associations don’t have to rely on old-school methods to obtain their data. Instead, the right system will make it simple for associations to extract appropriate data. Measuring and extracting the proper data will allow for the association to make decisions to benefit its members. Modern technology allows associations to have effective reports at its fingertips and a better understanding of their organization - allowing them to make more informed decisions.

4. An Increase in Staff Productivity & Happiness

Manual processes and data entry deter staff members from focusing on their primary responsibilities. Rather than creating and executing initiatives to benefit members, staff members are bogged down with time-consuming data entry. This not only distracts staff members, but increases the rate of human error. Automated technologies let members input their own data, while allowing staff members to focus on their primary duties. Whether it’s updating member information, events registration or dues billing, the right software will assure staff members that these capabilities are taken care of. These functions increase staff productivity and happiness, which in turn benefits the association as a whole.

5. A Decrease in Needless Spending

It’s not a secret that many associations don’t have big wallets and are usually dealing with strict budgets. Typically, associations onboard multiple software vendors in order to achieve the functionalities they are looking for. Additionally, many associations use the most expensive AMS in order to get the services they need. Fortunately, this doesn’t always have to be the case. Associations need to utilize software that has robust functionality and can easily integrate with other systems.

Is it the season to consider a new association management software? Start your new year the right way by envisioning the benefits of modern technology. The right AMS can help your organization get everything on its wish list.