About Us sharing our vision, promise, and values

About Us

Our Vision

A world where every association utilizes sophisticated cloud-based software to operate their organization and uses the insights from quantitative analytics to plan for the future.

Our Promise

We guarantee 100% you will know what you're getting. why you're getting it. how to use it. how long it takes to implement. and have support when you need it. Learn more about the four promises of our No Surprises Guarantee.

Our Values

  • Execution: "Getting it done" mentality
  • Fun: Taking time to enjoy our shared experience
  • Passion: Going the extra mile and loving what we do
  • Innovation: Settings trends and challenging the status quo
  • Growth: Investing in the team to enhance the future
  • Team: Succeeding together by helping one another
  • Transparency: Communicating freely and openly
  • Service: Valuing the needs of the community

At the heart of it all is our customer- the reason why we are, and plan to be, in business for a long time.

Life At MemberSuite

Modern Technology

We’re a modern company with modern technology. We believe having the latest equipment to get the job done is an important part of getting the job done right itself. We’re committed to giving every team member the modern tools they need for their particular role. We keep some pretty cool technology around the office too!

Teamwork and Fun

Teamwork and fun are important values to us. In order to help foster that spirit we host monthly events and quarterly outings to places like go-karting, bowling, laser tag, and more. Building teamwork while having fun in the process is a win-win all around.

Rest and Relaxation

We know that rest and relaxation is an important part of showing up with the energy needed to succeed. That’s why in addition to our generous paid time off and flexible work schedules, we have our masseuse that comes in every week offering complimentary massages for the team. We care about our team members revitalizing body, mind and spirit so they can enjoy true work-life balance.