eCommerce diversifying your organization’s revenue streams

Create awareness for your products, keep track of your inventory, and make it easy for members and nonmembers to make donations. MemberSuite’s eCommerce and fundraising functionality enables online transactions easily.

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MemberSuite Orders & Payments

Orders & Payments

Manage your online storefront from a single location.

  • Allow customers to purchase products using an online shopping cart
  • Process order cancellations and returns
  • Create discount codes and promotions to be used by customers
  • Select from multiple, configurable shipping methods based on what is being purchased and where it is being shipped to
  • Generate shipping costs by a variety of methods including flat, by weight, by quantity, or by value
  • Link system to UPS account using built-in integration to calculate shipping costs
  • Calculate taxes for products based on the shipping address of an order and a customizable tax table
  • Process payments via credit card, ACH, and offline methods
MemberSuite Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Keep track of inventory and fulfillment.

  • Manage fulfillment with ability to queue orders, review them, and process them through fulfillment batches
  • Track inventory for products including receipt of new inventory, transfers between warehouses, and adjustments automatically generated from orders and fulfillments
  • Track inventory in multiple warehouses
MemberSuite Fundraising


Promote and manage online giving.

  • Allow individuals to donate easily online, including the ability to prompt them to donate when joining or renewing membership
  • Automate thank-you emails to acknowledge donors
  • Track fundraising campaigns and associated contributions
  • Accept in-kind and stock donations
  • Track pledges, pledge schedules, and payments
  • Recognize different donation types

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