Member Management delivering an exceptional member experience

Grow your membership, provide value, and promote member engagement. MemberSuite is designed to give you insight into what motivates a member to join, why they stay, and what they care about.

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MemberSuite Membership Dashboard

Membership Management

Coordinate the member experience from one central location.

  • Manage the membership lifecycle by allowing members to apply, receive benefits, and renew
  • Handle complex membership scenarios such as grace periods, tiered membership pricing, and flow-down of corporate benefits
  • Track chapter leaders and grant them portal management rights
  • Manage organizational layers including national, regions, zones, districts, and chapters
  • Generate renewal invoices and allow members to auto-renew
MemberSuite e-Marketing

Email Marketing

Digitally communicate with your prospective and current members.

  • Design and create a variety of emails using our built-in WYSIWYG editor
  • Schedule recurring and future emails in advance
  • Track effectiveness of campaigns with email view and click-through rates
  • Store member response data in activity window
  • Improve email deliverability and email reputation through our partnership with SendGrid
MemberSuite Member Portal

Self-Service Member Portal

Empower your members to own their experience.

  • Allow prospective members to seamlessly register online
  • Increase retention by promoting auto-renewal through saved payments
  • List member information in an online member directory