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Grow your membership, provide value, and promote member engagement. MemberSuite is designed to give you insight into what motivates a member to join, why they stay, and what they care about.

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MemberSuite Membership Dashboard

Membership Management

Coordinate the member experience from one central location.

  • Manage the membership lifecycle by allowing members to apply, receive benefits, and renew
  • Handle complex membership scenarios such as grace periods, tiered membership pricing, and flow-down of corporate benefits
  • Track chapter leaders and grant them portal management rights
  • Manage organizational layers including national, regions, zones, districts, and chapters
  • Generate renewal invoices and allow members to auto-renew
  • Empower your members and non-members to self-serve through the member portal.

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“Due to our unique member structure, we wanted a platform that offered the flexibility we needed. In our search, we did not find anyone else that could handle our membership structure through configuration versus costly (and risky to build) customizations.”

- Chris Anne Sanyer, Director of Membership, AUPHA

No Surprises Guarantee

MemberSuite is taking our customer first philosophy to a higher level with our “No Surprises Guarantee”. What we tell you is what we deliver. Period.

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