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MemberSuite was built with a unique focus on ease of integration. Our API was developed first with the console and member portal following. The console is where your staff accesses the robust functionality and the portal is the self-service online interface for your members.

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About Our Technology Platform

Development Process

The MemberSuite product and engineering teams practice Agile development which allows for regular, incremental releases that deliver new features and enhancements and improved system performance. Customers are able to receive these benefits quickly without the inconvenience and expense of upgrades.

Product Roadmaps

MemberSuite provides product roadmaps consisting of future plans to leverage emerging technology and to solve problems facing the industry. Our product roadmaps are developed by consulting with our Customer Advisory Board, monitoring trends in the greater technology space, attending industry events and employing 3rd party vendors to conduct outside research in order to achieve objective feedback to further identify opportunities for innovation.

Data Center Overview

  • MemberSuite hosts its application infrastructure on Amazon Web Services (AWS) virtualized Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offering
  • AWS provides a highly reliable, scalable, low-cost infrastructure to businesses all over the world
  • Customer data is stored on a server configured with redundant storage, allowing for no service interruption in the event of a single disk failure; this customer data is backed up daily to AWS Simple Storage System (S3)

Infrastructure Redundancy

  • AWS is broken into geographic regions, which are physical data centers. The are known as EC2 regions, and are designed to be completely isolated from the others. This achieves the greatest possible failure independence and stability, and it makes the locality of each EC2 resource unambiguous
  • In each EC2 location, physically separate buildings, called Availability Zones, host AWS instances and provide inexpensive, low latency, network connectivity to other Availability Zones in the same Region

Software Security

Security and Access

To ensure privacy, security and availability of customer data and transactions, MemberSuite employs the following technologies in delivering its service:

  • Secure data center
  • Encrypted user authentication
  • Internet firewalls
  • Network translation and proxy services
  • Secure Socket Layer Data Encryption (SSL) on sensitive credit card information
  • High quality industrial strength routers, switches, and web and applications servers
  • Redundant, highly available power
  • Regularly scheduled backups and restore processes
  • Database users are restricted to a controlled list

Secure Application Access

  • Using password authentication encrypted with Secure HashFunction, a customer is unable to access another customer’s data. There are also several layers of protected servers that stand between the web page where the customer logs in and the actual data. Highly sensitive data is encrypted with AES 256-bit encryption.

System Security

  • MemberSuite uses tightly controlled passwords that are changed regularly on its servers and network equipments and limits access to production systems to authorized personnel only. Security updates to the operating systems are tracked and updated as necessary.

Concierge Open API

API Overview

The MemberSuite technology platform was built with a unique focus on ease of integration. Hence, our API, or application programming interface, was developed first with the console and member portal following. The console is where your staff accesses the robust functionality of the system and is optimized for administrators and other power users. The member portal is the self-service online interface that your members access.

We refer to MemberSuite's powerful open API as MemberSuite’s Concierge Open API. It can be used to extend and add custom functionality to the system. In fact, our entire user interface is built on our API, so anything we can do you can do too.

Learn more by accessing our API Documentation.

Integration Overview

We're the only SaaS association management software that has a full-featured API. So if a feature doesn't exist or you need to add more functionality to the platform, you can do so as long as you can program - or hire someone to do it for you. This means you're not “stuck” with what comes out of the box - you can program against the API and actually build new functionality within MemberSuite. With other systems, if you change the code, the system will break when the software is updated. With our API, we may upgrade the software on our end, but it will never break the API - so when we upgrade, your code doesn’t break and you don’t lose your updates. Get the peace of mind to add functionality to your AMS without breaking the system and enduring costly repairs.

Customization That Powers Your Business

With MemberSuite, you can customize any process in the platform to suit your needs. Want to create a custom designed certification application? You can do that with the Concierge Open API. Have a competition coming up? Create custom forms that judges can score in the system with MemberSuite. Have a complex accreditation process you have to manage to? Create your own automated, custom accreditation process. MemberSuite is software for the modern association - enabling your association to succeed no matter how much customization your business requires.

The Ability To Hook Into Any Third Party Program

Our acclaimed Concierge Open API gives you the ability to hook MemberSuite into any third party program. That means no matter what other software you’re using, MemberSuite is compatible with it. Need to hook MemberSuite into a graphical floor plan system like ExpoCAD for an upcoming event? You can do so with MemberSuite. You can extend any system you currently have to work seamlessly with MemberSuite.

No Surprises Guarantee

MemberSuite is taking our customer first philosophy to a higher level with our “No Surprises Guarantee”. What we tell you is what we deliver. Period.

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