Implementation setting up your new AMS

From discovery to go-live, MemberSuite's sophisticated professional services department has a 4-stage implementation methodology that will set your team up for success.

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Step 1: Discovery & Assessment

Data Conversion

Your data is a key driver of the MemberSuite implementation. One of the principal implementation activities performed by the Professional Services team is data conversion. During this process, your old data is analyzed, categorized, and prepared for eventual migration into MemberSuite. Our data conversion is meticulous in its detail and has worked successfully for small datasets with a few spreadsheets and massive datasets with millions of records.

The data conversion, at a high level, consists of three phases:

  • Discovery : The focus is understanding your data and creating a data migration plan that will act as the blueprint for importing your data into the system.
  • Data Migration Cycle : The Data Conversion Engineer is assigned to the project, armed with a comprehensive plan for the migration.
  • Data Acceptance : At the end of the project, when it is time for the customer to go live, a final data migration is performed.

Step 2: Configuration

The combination of data discovery and conversion coupled with the detailed assessments the professional services team conduct leads to several key decisions. Those decisions drive the configuration of your MemberSuite instance. The facts and decisions are documented by our team as we configure your system. Once configured, we systematically walk your functional experts through the setup of the system, training them every step of the way.

Custom Development

Many of our clients utilize the baseline features without ever having to engage with MemberSuite for custom development. At MemberSuite, we recognize that your business needs may be unique and, as such, we offer custom development as a professional service. MemberSuite has been architected to allow for significant extensibility without undergoing the expensive and dangerous task of customizing our core code. In particular, our customizations almost always come in one of the following forms:

  • Portal Development: This includes changing the features, function, or workflow of the external site used by your stakeholders to access AMS data
  • Scheduled Tasks: These are applications that run on a regular basis and perform some function in the system, such as applying a late fee to all open invoices
  • Integration: Includes single sign-on or data synchronization with another system
  • Custom Staff Functions: These include custom screens in the back-end of the software designed to allow staff to perform important functions

Step 3: Training & Deployment

Training Options

MemberSuite is committed to your association’s success and training is a big piece of the puzzle. Our Professional Services team provides the most time and cost effective training as possible during and post implementation to ensure your staff will be comfortable on our platform.

MemberSuite offers the following types of training:

  • Module Overview Tutorials (Pre-Recorded)
  • Customized Functional Training (Live/Private)
  • Advanced Training (Live/Public)
  • Onsite Training (Live/Private)

Step 4: Optimization & Go Live

During the optimization and go-live phase of the project, you and your staff will work with our Professional and Data Services Team to load your final cut of data, establish a launch plan, perform any final trainings needed, and cut over from your old system into MemberSuite.