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MemberSuite’s Advisory Services Health Check helps identify opportunities to more effectively use existing functionality, processes that could be streamlined with new native functionality, and efficiencies that could be gained via custom development or reporting.

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Advisory Services Health Check

The Health Check is a fixed fee consulting engagement consisting of four key areas which can be performed as a one-time service or delivered annually as both your organization and MemberSuite evolve over time.

These areas include:

  • Life Cycle Review
  • Financial Life Cycle Review
  • Console Productivity Assessment
  • Portal Feedback Session

Life Cycle Review: Evaluate a customer's existing processes and how they are using MemberSuite in order to identify areas for increased efficiencies

Financial Life Cycle Review: Understand current financial processes both within MemberSuite and outside of the system and provide guidance on best practices across the organization’s entire financial life cycle

Console Productivity Assessment: Evaluate the specific needs of power-users, as well as seasonal staff or volunteers, to drive efficiencies within the console in order to streamline workflows and increase staff happiness

Portal Feedback Session: Derive insight from association members on their experience using the MemberSuite portal in order to increase member engagement on the portal and reduce the time spent on portal related support questions on association staff

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