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MemberSuite Awards & Competitions

Awards & Competitions

Recognize member accomplishments through awards and competitions.

  • Develop online competitions and allow individuals to submit entries
  • Create scoring criteria, group applications, and allow judges to score them
  • Implement multiple judging rounds where different scores can be assigned to applications
  • Track award terms and identify what awards have been given over time
  • Track individuals who have won awards and report on them historically
MemberSuite Volunteer Management

Volunteer Management

Encourage volunteer engagement among prospective and current members.

  • Create and manage volunteer information
  • Maintain volunteer timesheets to track donations of time
  • Develop screening processes for different types of volunteers in order to ensure a good fit for a variety of programs
  • Match volunteers to available jobs based off of specified traits and attributes
MemberSuite Subscriptions Solutions


Deliver content and services with ease.

  • Provide a variety of subscriptions, including publications, to members and non-members alike
  • Sell subscriptions and give individuals the ability to auto-renew at the end of a term
  • Track subscribers to identify expiration dates and interests
  • Place subscriptions on hold whenever necessary
  • Fulfill subscriptions in batches and automatically send them to the fulfillment house
MemberSuite Advertising Solutions


Manage advertising revenue in a central location.

  • Generate ad placements in multiple issues or publications
  • Create and track advertising contracts with advertisers, including term length and pricing
  • Allow publishers to set advertising rates based on color, size, and position options
  • Automatically generate invoices for insertion orders
MemberSuite Document Management Solutions


Keep your organization’s documents updated and accessible.

  • Upload and provide documents for both public and private access
  • Grant members special access to specific documents
  • Generate additional revenue by selling digital documents
  • Allow the readers to full text search inside documents
  • Tie documents to groups including chapters, sections, and committees
MemberSuite Legislative Affairs Solutions

Legislative Affairs

Track legislation that impacts your organization at the local, state, and national level.

  • Follow legislative bills and issues
  • Identify members affected by bills
  • Track and manage legislators
  • Integrate the system with third-party advocacy resources
  • Keep members informed about bill updates

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