Report Studio enabling self-service reporting

Get advanced, self-service reporting and data analysis capabilities with Report Studio. MemberSuite's intuitive and user-friendly reporting solution will enable you to perform in-depth analysis of your organization’s data and create custom data visualizations.

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Report Studio

Build custom data visualizations, design reports, create dashboards, and perform in-depth analysis to make data-driven decision.

  • Save time and discover data easily without having to be a database expert
  • Improve data analysis by leveraging tools such as drill down and animated timelines to create dynamic visuals in a few simple steps
  • Combine data from multiple modules to get a complete picture of performance
  • Quickly drag and drop visuals to create reports and dashboards

“MemberSuite’s user-friendly, intelligent platform provided us with the advanced insights into our membership we needed to elevate engagement and improve the member experience.” - Lakisha Miller-Barclay, EA Director of Finance & Administration, Rubber Division

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MemberSuite is taking our customer first philosophy to a higher level with our “No Surprises Guarantee”. What we tell you is what we deliver. Period.

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