Case Studies sharing our customers' testimonials

Learning Resources Network (LERN)

"Switching to MemberSuite alleviated quite a few pain points for us. One of the biggest was to have our members have access to their own information without the staff having to log in and do updates to their accounts or provide them with invoices and other account information that they needed to have access to. It also gave us the opportunity to be more efficient and connect with more members in a single day.”

- Tammy Peterson, Director of Customer Service

Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA)

"MemberSuite saved me so much time with billing because I used to create PDFs for all of the invoices and email them one at a time. Now, I just set it up all in the system, push a button and the emails go out, so it has been great.”

- Chris Anne Sanyer, Director of Membership

Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA)

"The configurability and flexibility of MemberSuite just gives me the confidence that we can do almost anything."

- Brian Birch, Chief Operations Officer

Association of College and University Housing Officers- International (ACUHO-I)

"MemberSuite’s open API enables us to offer additional services and an exceptional customer experience. Not just integrating with 3rd party partners, but enabling our custom applications that we build. We can almost treat MemberSuite like our own database, like we manage it ourselves."

- Shaun Holloway, Director of IT

American Helicopter Society

"Our customer success manager and implementation consultant have really been going the extra mile to make sure we go live by our deadline."

- Randy Johnson, IT Director

Cooperative Credit Union Association (CCUA)

"Centralizing all of our data in MemberSuite allows us to do a better job with our membership."

-Charlotte Whatley, VP of Compliance Services

Learning Forward

“When we looked at AMS platforms we wanted one that was full-featured, that had several modules where we can run events, membership, marketing, etc., and where we can integrate to QuickBooks. We needed something that really offered the ability for all members of our staff to use the product.”

- Michael Lanham, Chief Operating Officer

Alternative & Direct Investment Securities Association (ADISA)

"You are looking for a good marriage, not some sort of a quick fix. I think MemberSuite has done a good job for us in that marriage. They certainly want to improve, want to grow, want to fix things, and we certainly want to give feedback and use the product successfully."

- John Harrison, Executive Director