November 24, 2014

Giving Thanks at MemberSuite

Giving Thanks at MemberSuite

I’m willing to bet that when you think of tech companies, you think about Silicon Valley. Maybe Boulder, Colorado or New York City if you were forced to pick another. Chances are, Atlanta is not high on your list as obvious cities blooming with tech success. Luckily, you’re wrong - otherwise I’d be out of a job. The technology scene has been growing in Atlanta for a few years now. We’re rapidly becoming “Silicon Valley South” with communities like the Atlanta Tech Village and the Atlanta Technology Development Center (ATDC) in addition to growing companies like Pardot, Mail Chimp, and Cloud Sherpas. I have been in the tech scene for almost two years now and found my home in MemberSuite’s marketing department back in June.

This company has moved nonstop. After getting its start in D.C., MemberSuite made the trek down to Atlanta and more than doubled our team. MemberSuite has gone through its fair share of changes, but much of what I love about this company has remained the same throughout its growth. Given that it is the season of thanks, I’d like to share the three reasons why I am thankful to work at MemberSuite.


"Never innovate to compete, innovate to change the rules of the game."

Being a SaaS company in the association industry is innovation in and of itself. The association market is robust and in need for viable technology solutions. MemberSuite is not the only association management software vendor, but we are taking purposeful steps to differentiate ourselves from our competitors and a big part of that is learning what tools and knowledge we have at our disposal. Our team frequents role-specific conferences to further education and expand our capabilities with available platforms, often time resulting in new strategies and possible software integrations. Traditionally, an AMS is a very difficult software to use and MemberSuite is not interested in maintaining that status quo. Our team is actively working to create a product that not only solves known problems in the space, but to drive an experience that is entirely unique to the users.


"Teamwork makes the dream work."

The great thing about tech companies is that you’re probably looking at a diverse team of smart, creative, and passionate people - MemberSuite is no exception. Not to brag on my work family, but we’ve got it goin’ on. Inside of the four walls of this office, you will be hard pressed to find a single person that is not dedicated to making the MemberSuite experience a great one throughout every step of the journey. However, this does mean that some days aren’t easy ones. By doing something new, we run into obstacles and sometimes struggle to hurdle them. That’s where having a good team is beneficial. We look out for each other, work together to fix problems, and always have the customers’ needs at the forefront. That is the perfect mixture for a cohesive workplace.

3. FUN

"Work hard, play hard."

What good is all of this hard work if we can’t celebrate our wins? Work life balance is important, especially in such a rapidly growing company. To ensure that our team knows how important it is, we try to do fun things together as much as we can. We have an intramural basketball team, poker nights, quarterly outings, happy hours, and an on-site masseuse once a week. This lets off some steam and doubles as a way for our team to come closer together. By having this time to recharge, we come back to the table with a fresh energy, prepared to tackle those challenges that get in our way. Take our Thanksgiving potluck for example - our buffet was a smorgasbord of options, with lots of meats and starches to feed our hungry team. This was a great opportunity for our team to take a breather and be thankful for everything we’ve accomplished this year.

Atlanta's technology companies have a unique culture: it’s a juxtaposition of bright entrepreneurs, innovative engineers, and creative talent. Couple that with our proprietary technology, and here at MemberSuite we have a recipe for success. If this sounds like a place you would like to work and could succeed, I would love to have you join our team. You can find current openings here.