November 28, 2017

Important Event Tech Trends to Help You Boost Your ROI

Important Event Tech Trends to Help You Boost Your ROI

It’s no secret that the events industry is moving at lightning speed in recent years, and it shows no signs of slowing down. In order to create a memorable event for your members, you must catch the wave of the most important tech trends and begin incorporating them. Here are some ideas to help you create a unique experience for your members while also increasing your organization's ROI from events.

Bolster the Event Sponsorship Sign-Up Process

Event planners now have the ability to greatly expand their sponsorship efforts through digital platforms. With the increase of digital attendance and technology like Facebook Venues, companies that are not physically present at an event can still partake in it fully, justifying their interest in a sponsorship.

The sign-up process itself has also been greatly improved. Companies from across the world can now participate in sponsorship opportunities regardless of geographic location. Distributed commerce is currently growing in priority, and platforms like Facebook are piloting sponsorship integrations directly with a few top event planning companies.

Share Content

Big data, customization and personalization will finally hit the event industry in a big way. The explosion of event technology in the past few years has brought the total value of event tech to just under $37 billion USD across the top 300 companies in the industry.

There are numerous technologies with the ability to collect data at various points in the member journey. Not only will event planners be able to share information more easily, but associations will be able to analyze the success of the outreach to improve efforts in future iterations. Marketers within the industry will have more options than ever to mold content into a business driver as personalization and customization features continue to expand.

Mobile Apps

Global names such as Coca Cola and SXSW have an app for attendees to download and interact with, which increases engagement rates. Even though your association may not be as big as the global names, mobile marketing can still help create a better experience for your members and boost your ROI.

It's a best practice to encourage your attendees to download the mobile event app through social media and email prior to your event. The more engaged event attendees are, the better.

Mobile apps can tell you what your attendees want and encourage them to be more active. As your event draws near, event attendees can look over the agenda to make the most out of their experience—participating in event discussions, bookmarking sessions, and reading about the event speakers. Having a mobile app will not only help your members be in “the know,” but will also help build event buzz.

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Interactive Marketing Kiosks/Dynamic Displays

If you are looking to captivate your attendees’ attention, enhance the attendee experience, get your message across, and personalize your event; you should consider having interactive kiosks at your next event. Interactive kiosks are promotional marketing displays which allow your members to take surveys, share information or access event information. That’s not all. You can also share recent surveys, show customer success stories, interactive short sessions about a new product, and capture pictures to share on social.

Post-event, you will be able to gather data on attendee behavior and engagement. Interactive dynamic displays can have a huge impact on your brand and give your members a closer look on who you are as an association.

Although it’s hard to determine where technology will take us next, it’s an exciting time to integrate event technology at your next event. Event technology will not only help save you money down the road, but will also provide your members with an unforgettable experience.