March 16, 2015

Impress Your Association's Board of Directors

Impress Your Association's Board of Directors

You’re preparing for your next board meeting. Whether your association’s board of directors just met yesterday, or you have a meeting coming up next month, as an executive director you’re always thinking about what your board will want to hear the next time it convenes.

In your mind, you’re running through what questions they’ll ask. How is retention? Are renewals up? If members of your association’s staff just went to a specialty conference, how many prospects did you get, and how many of those turned into members?

Your membership manager is already working on her monthly reporting, as the board will want to see how much your team has invested in a project, how much it cost, the amount of revenue it brought in, and ultimately if that project delivered value to your members. You’ll need to be armed with insightful responses to whatever curveball questions your board might throw your way.

When the time comes to “wow” your board at its next meeting, you need the ability to show real-time information on your membership retention, renewal, and recruitment. Having these reports, such as a membership breakdown by state or job role, will help your credibility and will impress your board members. Plus, you can use these insights to determine things like where to host your next conference or workshop, which ultimately drives revenue for your organization.

The database storing all these insights lies at the heart of your association’s membership software. If you can harness the power of technology combined with reliable data, you’ll be set up for success. MemberSuite is proud to announce its new whitepaper addressing how an AMS can give you the insights needed to impress your board and delight your members. This paper will discuss how to impress your association’s board of directors, including:

  • Use technology to modernize your association
  • Fix bad processes with better technology
  • Become your association's innovator

Your association’s board is savvy about the industry it serves, but no one is savvier than you when it comes to running your association. You know the impact reliable data can have when it comes to demonstrating insights for membership recruitment, retention, and renewal, then using data for spotting trends and patterns. It’s time to use technology to help your board understand this data too. As the executive director, you’re also the chief innovator among your employees. Your association’s staff will continue to look to you to modernize your processes, to free them from the mundane, so they can focus on delivering superb services to your members. An AMS can help relieve the burden of their archaic processes such as collecting dues or punching in data.

Click here to download MemberSuite's whitepaper “Impress Your Association’s Board of Directors".