January 16, 2019

Meet Amber Hulsey - Sales Development Representative

Meet Amber Hulsey - Sales Development Representative

What’s your position at MemberSuite?

I am a Sales Development Representative (SDR) with the Inside Sales team.

Where are you from?

My family is from just outside of Chicago, but I was born and raised in Buford, GA.

How did you get into Sales?

It all started when I was working as an Executive Assistant to the CEO of an Industrial Repair company several years ago. During my time there, I had the chance to join the CEO and represent the company at some trade shows. I loved getting the chance to interact with prospects and customers. From that first show on, I have been in sales. I then did outside sales with that same company until I had my daughter and decided that being gone 6 days a week was not the best fit for my new family life.

Prior to joining MemberSuite, I was selling medical specialties and supplies in the Bio-Technology industry.

What should we know about you?

  • I am a huge sports fan. Die hard Bears and Cubs fan.
  • I was a college athlete (no, not basketball or volleyball but softball). So by nature I am a very competitive person.
  • I am a mom to a beautiful two-year-old that has more attitude than I could have ever imagined.
  • I am the type of person that will greet your dog before you.

What do you like to do for fun?

I love being outside so when the weather is nice you can usually catch me out with my family at a park or on the lake. I married into a Harley family, so mountain bike rides are something I love to do when we can find a sitter for the babe! I am also going to be coaching a little league softball team in the summertime.

What is the best part of working at MemberSuite?

My coworkers. I was blown away in my interview by the comradery and positive vibes that all of you put off. During the on-boarding process, I really enjoyed getting to sit down and meet everyone from the different teams.

Anything else you'd like to share?

I am really excited to be a part of MemberSuite. Everyone looks at me crazy when they hear how far I commute, but for me personally, I definitely think it is worth it.