May 9, 2016

Winning Back Lapsed Members with Integrated Automated Campaigns

Winning Back Lapsed Members with Integrated Automated Campaigns

A guest blog post by Informz

What’s the first thing you think about when it comes to marketing automation? Is it the advanced technology? Is it the powerful ability to personalize on levels you’ve never reached before? Is it the hope that you’ll reduce manual work and have more successful digital marketing campaigns? For most marketers, it’s all of the above.

Marketing automation, and more specifically automated campaigns, help you deliver relevant content to members beginning with the first interaction you have with a prospective member and continue throughout the entire lifecycle of the member relationship.

Automating campaigns will make your organization more efficient and more effective. You can expect to reap tangible benefits such as:

  • Reduction of manual work
  • Improved response to member activity from multiple marketing channels
  • Enhanced campaign planning with visual end-to-end process flow
  • Consistency of membership experience
  • Continuity of campaign execution
  • Documentation of campaign purpose, goals, audience, etc.
  • Improved robustness of strategy without increasing labor costs
  • Measurement of ROI

When you combine the power of marketing automation technology with the rich data from your AMS, that’s when your messages become even more impactful. A database full of information on your members that can help you personalize your communications can easily translate into more revenue for your association.

Informz clients are taking the powerful data from their AMS and using it to reengage lapsed members. One client, for example, noticed that membership had taken a dip, and the steady decrease in membership renewals was quickly growing the number of lapsed members. The association pulled lists of lapsed members from their database and strategized with Informz Consulting Services to purposefully win back lapsed members using automated campaigns. In just 45 days’ time, the association had nearly 800 members rejoin the organization, bringing in over $64,000 in membership dues.

Here's how they did it.

  • Evaluated data on the key decision making factor to become a member and reasons for not renewing from lapsed members.
  • As a result of evaluation, developed two email campaign strategies – one for members who were 3 - 6 months lapsed and another for those 7 - 24 months lapsed.
  • The campaign for the 3 - 6 months segment focused on online continuous education. The messaging was direct and inviting – two steps and you’re back. Step 1: Enroll, Step 2: Sign up for Class.
  • The campaign for the 7 - 24 months segment focused on new enhancements and developments and asking lapsed members to take another look and “rediscover” the association.
  • When deploying campaigns, they followed a 10-10-80 testing concept. The idea is to test various email components using 10% test panels and then apply the winning elements to optimize conversions of the final version of the email. Testing with this concept helped them send the most effective messages possible.

What data do you have right at your fingertips in your AMS that can utilized in automated campaigns to bring in new (or lapsed) members? Before you start planning your next automated campaign, make sure you’re optimizing your communications with the latest and greatest data in your database, and watch conversion rates soar.

For more information on automated campaigns, get your free copy of How to Create Effective Automated Campaigns.

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