Every association should be empowered to make data-driven decisions.

Finally...affordable analytics for every association.

It's not that association professionals don't want to be data-driven. Most know that AMS reports and Excel aren't getting the job done. It's just that every other analytics platform you've seen is either expensive, difficult to implement, or hard to use. Well, not anymore. Allow us to introduce our new analytics platform made specifically for associations - MemberSuite Insights

The way you answer questions is about to change.

You’ve heard yourself say it before: Why is it so hard to answer a simple question? You spend hours wrestling with Excel and pivot tables just to get a glimpse into your organization and even then - it’s not enough.. If this sounds familiar, then MemberSuite Insights is for you. We are proud to announce the world’s first affordable, out-of-the-box analytics platform built specifically for associations just like yours.

Out-of-the-Box Visualizations's icon

Out-of-the-Box Visualizations

Zero setup. Zero configuration. Zero programming. With a flick of a switch, Insights is on.

Centralize Your Data Without the Heavy Lifting's icon

Centralize Your Data Without the Heavy Lifting

Centralize all your data in one platform. Stop spending time exporting, combining, and pivoting your data. Instant answers let you dig deeper and discover more.

A Price You Can Afford's icon

A Price You Can Afford

The days are gone when powerful visualizations were only available to the lucky and the rich. Insights is designed to be affordable for associations of all sizes.

Your Data, Your Way's icon

Your Data, Your Way

Pivot data on your fields and your tables. Run analysis across membership trends. Put the power of data in your own hands with export capabilities to Excel and PDF.



Determine the effectiveness of your programs by analyzing how they generate dues and non-dues revenue as well as further your mission through member engagement.

Membership Professionals

Membership Professionals

Have visibility into your membership like never before with dashboards that dive into recruitment, retention, and engagement. Get hyper-accurate numbers, slice and dice your statistics, and view trends across your membership.

Meeting Professionals

Adapt and advance your meetings by using pacing projections to ensure you hit your revenue, registration, and sponsorship goals.