September 5, 2018

5 Tips to Increase Small Staff Productivity

5 Tips to Increase Small Staff Productivity

If you are part of a small staff association, it is very likely that your day-to-day involves wearing multiple hats and checking items off your never-ending to-do list. So how can you help your team become more efficient? Check out these 5 tips to increase small staff productivity.

#1. Prioritize Tasks

If you’re a one-man (or woman) department, it’s important to prioritize all tasks to maintain a level of consistency and attend to your critical duties. To-do this, you should focus your attention on your main responsibilities. What falls solely on your shoulders? What responsibilities won’t get attended to if you don’t do them? Those items should be the first checked off your to-do list.

#2. Manage Your Time

As stated above, your first objective should be to accomplish all your must-haves first. Once you’ve figured out your priorities consider:

  • Delegating some duties to co-workers or volunteers to lighten your load.
  • Creating a tentative daily schedule every morning.
  • Cutting back on nonessential meetings.

#3. Work as a Team

All staff members are bearing the burden of finite initiatives; therefore, it’s important to work as a team to showcase your organization’s mission. If someone is struggling to stay above water, it may be the right time to intervene and see if they need help. Teamwork not only increases productivity, but association-wide morale.

#4. Invest in an AMS

Manual processes and duplicate data entry is the demise of many association staff members, as it cuts down on productivity. The right AMS will allow your association to be fully functional with a small staff by allowing your team to manage all member data in one place. Additionally, with an AMS that automates processes, your staff will be able to focus on primary responsibilities. Your AMS can pick up the slack of not having another viable co-worker.

#5. Empower Your Members

Associations that don’t offer a self-serve member portal, are left filling in the technological gap with manpower and staff hours. Self-service capabilities can span several options, but membership registration, event registration, and automated billing have made the biggest impact on association members and staff. By providing your members with a self-service portal, they will be able to own their experience while improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your staff.

To learn more about how technology can help associations and empower members, download our whitepaper, Self-Service and Member Happiness.