September 22, 2016

Are You Creating the Correct Content

Are You Creating the Correct Content

Let’s be real: Content is big right now. It’s no secret that association professionals are large proponents for this industry trend. Content creation and distribution is one of the best ways to promote member engagement, while sharing your association’s mission. The real question remains: Are you creating the correct content? If you want your members to find the true value in your content, you’re going to have to make sure it’s the right content.

Learn how to optimize your content creation with these tips:

Develop Personas

Today, this is a common business practice, and for good reason. Think about it: If your members receive content that has nothing to do with them, do you think they’re going to find value in it? Probably not. It’s imperative for associations to segment their recipients and align the content with their specific interests. These data points include:

  • Geographic (city, density, county)
  • Demographic (gender, age, occupation)
  • Behavioral (benefits wanted, interests)

To truly optimize your content efforts, it’s important to truly know your audience - you need to speak their language.

Utilize Your Data

Luckily for you, data is everywhere. This makes it easy for you to gain insight into your member base. The modern AMS allows association professionals to pull large quantities of data to see what engages members. Why not create content based off of these metrics? You already know that these specific initiatives interest your members - so get to writing! These data points are great starting points when looking to create new content for specific member groups.

It’s All About Them

If your association is using content to promote its services: You’re doing it wrong. Your association’s content should not be used to advertise its efforts. Rather, your content should be based on helping the people that make your association what it is today. At the end of the day, your association was created to empower and serve its members. By understanding the needs and wants of your members, you will be able to create correlative content that is valuable to them.

Content can only be seen as a useful resource if it is created and distributed correctly. To optimize your content efforts, it’s imperative to truly understand your audience and key demographics. Additionally, using your data to understand what engages members will make creating your content easier.

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