September 27, 2016

Technology Is Transforming Farming - and Farming Organizations

Technology Is Transforming Farming - and Farming Organizations

Innovative technology is making waves in every industry - including agriculture. With a decrease in farmers and an increasing population, ag-tech is helping modern farmers increase productivity and efficiency without ruining the planet. Investments in new ag-tech are reaching the billions as opportunities for growth and sustainability arise. The industry is reinventing itself - so what does that mean for the agricultural organizations that represent the farmers?

National, state, and local agricultural organizations serve as a resource to farm families throughout the country, so it’s important that the technology they use allows them to deliver on that mission. The technology may not look the same (bureaus don’t necessarily need soil sensors or smart power systems), but innovative technology is out there that can help them better serve their members.

A Modern Member Management Solution

Member benefits at any time, from any place
Innovation brought us cloud-computing software. We’re now able to book flights from our phones, go shopping on a tablet, and stream movies and TV shows from a laptop. As consumers, it has altered our expectations. We now anticipate immediate gratification and so do your members. With cloud-based member management software, farm families can access their benefits (professional resources, discounts, and business services) with a click of a button - from anywhere with an internet connection.

Become a better advocate for your members
One of the key components of a farming organization’s offering is to serve as a legislative advocate on behalf of the many farmers they represent. They keep members informed with good and factual information concerning farming policies and issues. A modern management system allows organizations do this easily with functionality that not only actively tracks relevant legislative bills, but also legislators in your area.

Consolidate your systems
Time is valuable now more than ever, especially for nonprofit organizations. Using innovative technology allows staff to focus on the mission instead of menial tasks. By consolidating several systems, data will become centralized. This not only helps to develop a cleaner, more holistic database, but also eliminates the need for duplicate data entry. This improves efficiency and productivity.

Farm families are becoming tech savvy. Ag-tech is transforming the industry and agricultural organizations must keep up in order to provide the most value to their members and the first step is a modern member management solution. To learn more, check out our white paper, the Future of Association Technology.