September 6, 2016

How an AMS-LMS Integration Can Create Value for You and Your Members

How an AMS-LMS Integration Can Create Value for You and Your Members

Historically, associations have viewed their AMS as their primary application and LMS as a component for storing learning content. But, there’s a noticeable shift in the industry as folks are challenging this infrastructure and mode of thinking. Change-makers are disrupting the status quo by positioning both components as equal partners and are giving the same investment in their analysis of LMS alternatives as its AMS counterpart.

Choosing the right LMS has a greater impact on how the two systems are integrated than simply providing access. Benefits can include:

A Friendly User Experience

Members and other participants expect seamless online experiences when they engage your organization. A place where single-sign-on is a standard (not a luxury), and an ecosystem of interconnected technologies exists. Integration allows for seamless movement with the proper access and credentials. There are a number of options for how this occurs. It’s important to consider your options from both a data management and learning perspective.


Reaching your members with the right information at the right time can be critical to the ultimate user experience. An AMS-LMS integration can include the ability to curate tailored learning paths for individuals based on their member-role, position, location, etc. as well as customized pricing models. This creates a friendly, relevant and custom experience for each individual user, ultimately increasing engagement.

Content and Pricing

With the right integration, organizations can choose to be selective about what content is available for each subset of your community, can create private, invitation only content and automatically present the right fee for each learner when they review your products.

Robust Reporting

A well-conceived integration allows you to look at micro and macro layers of critical information. You can monitor a learner’s progress, as well as analyze community trends (e.g. blockbuster courses and superstar users). In short, you’ll have powerful data that can (and should) be used to calibrate your learning portfolio for continued growth and success. The right integration will allow you to have this information either pulled by the AMS or written back as results occur.

Companies that focus on the association community now have basic integrations with most AMS offerings. Enhancing this integration to provide an exceptional user experience requires the right LMS with the power to represent you in the best possible way.