September 2, 2016

Simplify Your Event Registration

Simplify Your Event Registration

Event registration can be a long, painful process if not handled appropriately. But, you can make your attendees feel well taken care of and excited about your event before they ever walk through the doors of your event if you simplify your registration process. These 4 statements will assist you in providing the simplest registration process for your registrants.

Include a Link to Your Registration Form on Your Website. This task sounds like common sense, right? If attendees have to go on an expedition to locate a registration form, they will feel inconvenienced. We recommend including a link to your registration form directly on your website so your attendees can register in a snap.

Keep It Simple. When it comes to a registration form, less is more. Chances are, you have a lot of your customers’ information in your existing instance of MemberSuite. We recommend validating registrant information against your records in order to auto-populate contact information your records already contain. This will save your registrants time, and keep your database up to date with current contact information.

Include Your Hotel Information with the Registration Confirmation. Most attendees will want to book their hotel immediately after they register for your event. You can simplify this process for them by providing a link to your hotel-booking site right on the confirmation page or email. Your registrants will love this small detail.

Provide Seamless On-Site Check-In. Even if the registration process leading up to an event has been incredibly efficient, an attendee’s perception can be instantly tarnished by a difficult and time-consuming check-in process on-site. At Expo Logic, we offer badge[on]demand™, our badge printing service, at many different types and sizes of events. In every case, attendees marvel at the ease of being able to scan a barcode and have their badge and tickets printed for them instantly. It’s all about the quickest and easiest way to check-in attendees so they can begin enjoying their time at your event.

Event registration should be the simplest part of preparing for your event as far as your registrants are concerned. With these 4 tips, your event registration is sure to be as easy as pie!