March 31, 2015

The Future of Association Technology

The Future of Association Technology

The responsibility of any good IT department is to make their organization more efficient through the power of technology.

Technology has advanced greatly over the past decade and continues to change the way companies do business. In the association space, the IT team spends more time putting out fires, rarely getting the opportunity to be innovative. This challenge that IT leaders encounter is why modern technology tools are so crucial. The right technology can help your IT team provide your organization the value it needs from its tools and from its staff.

Your association is counting on you to implement the best technology for the best cost. Your members are expecting top-notch technology due to the level of service provided in the consumer market. Finding the right association management system (AMS) is no easy task, especially when a large amount of technology in the association space is outdated or obsolete. So how do you know which AMS tool is the right fit?

Maybe you think your AMS works just fine for your association. Maybe you have custom built software. Or maybe you inherited the software your association uses. No matter the scenario, if you’re using an outdated system, you and your organization are not reaching your full potential. Modern technology allows you and your association’s staff to be more efficient and effective at a lower cost. So how do you know if your current AMS system is outdated?

In MemberSuite’s new whitepaper - The Future of Association Technology, we discuss how your IT department can push your association to the 21st century using modern AMS software. We will identify the negative effects of an outdated association management software tool, what modern technology looks like, and how it can impact your organization. Click here to download The Future of Association Technology to learn how you can modernize your organization’s software and systems.