October 28, 2016

The Integration Impact for Associations

The Integration Impact for Associations

A powerful integration (or lack thereof) can influence your entire organization.

Many associations face unnecessary challenges when the tools they use don't intergrate well. Members become frustrated when the experience feels disconnected, Staff work twice as hard to accomplish menial tasks. And executives lack the insight they need to lead their organization in the right direction.

It doesn't have to be this hard. Technology exists to make life easier, after all. That's where the integration between your Association Management Software (AMS) and your online community platform comes in. A lot can be gained when your AMS serves as your centralized database, integrating with other tools. In our webinar, The Integration Impact for Associations, we highlighted the specific benefits that come when you have an integrated solution.

This webinar reviews how an integrated solution can:

  • Improve the member experience through single sign-on capacbilities and automation
  • Remove obstacles that prevent association staff from achieving the mission
  • Deliver strategic insight to the executive team so they can make data-driven decisions

You can check out this webinar by clicking here.