October 6, 2016

The Many Benefits of SaaS

The Many Benefits of SaaS

You’ve heard it before, modern technology is transforming the association world. Your association management software (AMS) is an expensive investment that will shape the future of your organization. Shouldn’t you choose the most innately innovative solution out there?

Association professionals are tired of being repressed by the outdated technology that plagues their association. Luckily, there is an easier way to be efficient and innovative without being costly. Software as a service (SaaS) is changing association technology. This cloud-based solution allows users to be freed from the constraints of traditional hosting - let freedom ring! Stop being punished by your current software vendor for wanting innovation. It’s time to learn about the benefits of SaaS and how they can advance your organization.

Stop paying for basic upgrades. It’s 2016, your association should not have to pay for basic system updates to get the latest version of your AMS. Unfortunately, that is the cold reality with traditional hosting. When a new system update comes out, your association must fork over the cash to see the latest version due to hardware maintenance.

With SaaS, these updates roll out automatically through the internet - free of charge. That’s because SaaS based solutions only have one codebase that each customer uses. When updates or enhancements are made to that codebase, active users get the updates automatically and free. You shouldn’t be punished for wanting constant innovation without the hefty price tag.

Start seeing unparalleled security. One of the major disadvantages of hosting is the lack of server stability. If the server goes down, your entire organization will feel the effects. You know the drill, your IT department is forced to deal with the outage to get your organization’s operations up and running. Additionally, if your organization houses a closet full of servers, it’s imperative to keep them protected. If a natural disaster were to strike your headquarters, your servers could be wiped clean. Your organization would lose everything and be forced to go back to square one.

It doesn’t have to be this hard, modern technology wants to help you. With SaaS, you no longer have to worry about server outages. This is because if one server crashes, it automatically transports your workload into another server in the server pool. You and your staff will never know of an outage, because it doesn’t happen! Your IT staff no longer has to be first responders and your operations will always function properly.

Stop dreaming of constant innovation. The functions that you wished your current AMS had can be inherently found in SaaS based solutions. You don’t have to fight to get regular system updates or unmatched security, the right technology wants to help you.

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