October 12, 2016

Streamline Your CME Efforts

Streamline Your CME Efforts

If you're a medical association, you know how important education is to your members. It has been the driving force in your members' lives for many years. One of the main reasons your members joined your organization is to take their careers to the next level. That's why your association does everything it can to enrich their lives with various educational opportunities. Whether it's providing Continuing Medical Education (CME) courses or other third-party educational resources, you want to give your members the benefits they expect and need. This can become a complicated process for your staff, making it difficult for your members to access the resources they need.

Di you know that modern Association Management Software (AMS) can streamline your CME processes? This not only takes the pressure off your staff, but it makes it easier for your members to get what they need.

Manage All Things CME

Offering CME courses and tracking credits is a complex initiative that directly affects your busy members. Thare a lot of moving pieces and it's imperative for your staff members to remain organized. If there is one that your AMS should innately do, it's help you. To cut down on paperwork and frustration, your AMS should keep all of this data in one centralized database. Your AMS should also allow your staff to track multiple credits while automatically assigning credits to individuals who partake in specific CME initiatives. If your members need to know what credits that have received, your staff can efficiently track them within the AMS. Gone are the days of endless paperwork - your AMS should be your homebase.

Give Your Members Visibility

To put it lightly, y our members are extremely busy. Between seeing patients, hours in the hospital, or taking medical exams they somehow find the time to embark on CME initiatives. Your members don't have time to go on a wild goose chase to track their CME credits. That's where the modern AMS comes in. Give your members the flexibility and power to take charge of their own experience. They will no longer have to call your staff to verify their CME credits due to antiquated technology. The right AMS will provide members with self-service portals, putting control back in their hands. These portals allow your members to track and enter their own CME credits. Another added bonus is that your staff can implement an approval process to verify these credits automatically - saving them time and energy.

Make the process easy for your members to go the extra mile to expand their professional development. With the right AMS, the CME management and tracking process is a cinch. To learn more about how technology can boost your association, check out our white paper, "Changing the Status Quo."