April 23, 2015

Value Innovation Above All in Your AMS

Value Innovation Above All in Your AMS

How much do you value innovation at your association?

As an association executive, you’re responsible for ensuring your staff has the right tools to do their jobs.

You did your research, taking the time to investigate different options for software, systems, and other applications to help make your employees’ jobs easier. Because if you can’t discover ways to lessen their workload and elevate them from the mundane, then they might quit your team.

So let’s say you bought the best association management software (AMS) out there.

Well, you thought it was the best because they’ve been a part of the association industry for 20+ years. The AMS worked great initially for your team, but now you know that it’s time to upgrade with your vendor and they want to charge you $25,000 or more to get to the latest version of their platform. This expensive upgrade would only be a temporary solution, as your vendor already has another updated version of their platform they want you to migrate to at an even higher investment.

That’s when you started to look at other AMS vendors.

Your goal is to find software that’s innovative, constantly upgrading, and that won’t charge you to help fund their innovation. Plus, you want to find a software system that your staff will love so you won’t have to go through the whole vendor selection process in just three short years, then have to migrate over to yet another system.

Times are changing for the AMS.

As the industry continues to innovate and transition to a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, you want to bring your team along for the ride.

In MemberSuite's brief, Value Innovation Above All, we’ll discuss how using innovative, best-in-class AMS software allows you to integrate with any third party application to improve operational efficiency for your staff . We’ll also hear from some of the association industry’s leading IT consultants on how technology can take your association to new heights.

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